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When a website is published onto the Internet, it may require changes (including technical issues) regularly. Keeping a website up to date, makes sure that its visitors get the latest information. Helping setting up a Facebook Business Page, changes in rates, text and pictures are done by WorldWide TravelGuide free of additional charges and within 24 hours of receiving a request (complete package / business hours).

Support for:

Technical Support

E-mail: support@worldwide-travelguide.com
Phone: +(31) 35 - 6234 333

Webshop (Wegenkaart / Kofferriem)

E-mail: winkel@worldwide-travelguide.com
Phone: +(31) 35 - 6234 333
(11:00 - 18:00 CET)

Platinum E-mail Support

General server settings

username is: user@yourdomain.com in all e-mail settings.
Smtp authentication is required! (use same settings as incoming)
On webmail (http://mail.yourdomain.com) the username is just user

Server Settings Server Name Port
POP3 pop.everyone.net 110
POP3 with SSL pop.everyone.net 995
IMAP imap.everyone.net 143
IMAP with SSL imap.everyone.net 993
SMTP* smtp.everyone.net 25
SMTP alternative port* (recommended) smtp.everyone.net 2525
SMTP with SSL smtp.everyone.net 465

If you are having problems sending email, please make sure in your mailing software you have SMTP authentication set. Is your port 25 blocked? Please use the alternative port (on your own domain mail.yourdomain.com you can use port 587 as well)

Platinum Pro Only!

Windows users

Outlook Sync / OneSync: Please read the following pdf manual

Smartphone / Tablet settings Mobile / Tablet Sync

username is: user@yourdomain.com in all settings
Any device that does not have ActiveSync installed will not be compatible!
and choose "Microsoft Exchange Server" as option!

List of Supported Devices

  • Android Phones (version 2.2 or higher, best 4.0 and higher)
  • Android Tablets (version 2.2 or higher, best 4.0 and higher)
  • Apple iPhone (version 4.x or higher)
  • Apple iPad
  • Nokia Symbian with Exchange option
  • Windows Mobile Devices (version 6.x or higher)
  • BlackBerry
    BlackBerry does not include ActiveSync support out of the box. One_Mobile is certified to work with AstraSync, a third-party ActiveSync solution endorsed by Microsoft) for BlackBerry. AstraSync is a separate purchase in addition to One_mobile. However, AstraSync does not require BES, BPS, or BIS so you may actually see a reduction in BlackBerry service costs. For more information, please visit: www.astrasync.com


  • Apple iPhone and iPad users should disable sync of calendars, contacts, and email with iTunes. The calendar setting is the most important!
  • Windows Mobile users should disable sync with desktop ActiveSync (which is different than the wireless ActiveSync protocol used by one_mobile).
  • RIM BlackBerry users should disable sync of calendars, contacts, and email with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Account Settings  
Username: Enter the full email address; user@yourdomain.com
Password: enter your existing standard email password for user
Server Name: one-mobile.net
SSL: ON – required setting should be ON for secure data transmission
  Accept all certificates when the device ask for it.