SEO starts with a Green Website A better world starts with a green web Internet Online Marketing for the Travel Industry

Online Marketing & SEO:

  • Green Web Design & Development
  • Fast & Reliable Hosting Website
  • No Hidden Tricks
  • Social Media
  • TravelGuide Concept

Online Marketing and SEO starts with a Green Website

Online Marketing Plan includes seo

Do you recognize the following situation:

You have to wait 15 seconds or more before you see the site to load, then most of you clicked on their "Previous" button of their browser already. In another words, if your site is slow, you are subjected to lose a lot of visitors. Visitors are traffic, traffic affects reputation and revenue. You will click on the next "result" on a search engine, and if the next results-site is faster, with good content, you will stay on that site.

The search engines recognize this behavior of the site visitors. The search engine wants to provide their visitors the best results, it will be a matter of time that the second-result will become the first result.

The benefits of a Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Web Design & Development:

  • Reduces the loading and waiting time of a website
  • Website can handle more visitors at once
  • Reduce bandwidth usage
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Liked by the major Search Engines
TravelGuide Marketing Concept

TravelGuide Marketing Concept - Online Marketing

We have created the TravelGuide Marketing Concept, which alone amounts to millions and millions of hits every year. WorldWide TravelGuide owns a TravelGuide for each destination where we have clients. These TravelGuides contain all the information that a tourist visiting that destination might need. We get dozens of e-mails each year complimenting us with the quality of the information we provide on our TravelGuides, which are essentially non-commercial. On the TravelGuides we provide our clients with links to their websites. A link from a High Quality Content Website counts more than a link on a Low Content Website On Search Engines!